Learn all about SmoothPay Blue payroll

Our comprehensive guides provide you with all the information you need to process payroll using SmoothPay Blue payroll (our legacy payroll application)

If you need additional help, please call our HelpDesk on (06) 353 6462

Essential reading
  • Getting Started: The indispensable README to get you started on the right track and avoid time-consuming pitfalls
  • Email from SmoothPay: How to set your system to email reports and payslips
  • End of Year: How to produce the various reports required for end of financial year
  • Migration guide: What is required to move from your existing payroll to SmoothPay
  • Internet access requirements: Covers when, what and why SmoothPay uses network/internet protocols (your IT support need to know this)
  • Moving SmoothPay: How to move SmoothPay to a new computer
  • Moving to another payroll: It's your choice to move to any of the non-compliant payroll systems available in New Zealand, and we respect that choice. There is a charge for any request for assistance to help with this process. It could be you just need some additional training provided free with your subscription, or maybe you need our online payroll
  • TeamViewer: Our fully licensed, branded and secure on-demand support tool is built-in and lets us provide you with direct-to-desktop training and assistance when required
  • Tutorial: A more detailed guide to using SmoothPay payroll
  • Guide to NZ Leave Rules (in a nutshell): If you read nothing else, please read this! SmoothPay is your #1 choice for compliant payroll
  • MBIE's Guide to Annual Leave: So you can confirm your payroll is catering for leave calculations correctly
  • Leave Auditing: SmoothPay can perform an audit of your leave position (reconstructed leave records in weeks, over/under-payments to terminated staff) from a simple CSV extract, or can interrogate many other systems for a leave audit.
Accounting integration
SmoothPay also integrates with a large number of other accounting products! It's flexible, on-the-fly coding system also allows you to analyse costs using any coding system
Bank integration
  • BNZ: Generate direct credit files for BNZ
  • Rabobank: Generate direct credit files for Rabobank
  • Westpac: Generate direct credit files for Westpac
SmoothPay integrates with all commercial banking systems in New Zealand.

Your bank system needs to have a direct credit/payroll file import option

Most banks have a variety of options available and not all provide for this kind of automation or charge an extra fee)
  • Leave balance calculator: A simple spreadsheet that enable you to work out how much leave the employee has remaining (handy when moving from all the other non-compliant payroll systems available in NZ)
Government and agency payments
  • Agencies: Learn how to set up agency payments (rent, union etc as well as govt. deduction notices from WINZ, IRD etc)
  • ESCT: The low-down on ESCT
  • irFiling: couldn't be easier (well, it could if IRD allowed payroll to file directly)
  • Student Loans: All about SL deductions and SLCIR/SLBOR
HAPI (Harcourts / Payroll Integration)
  • HAPI User Guide: The authoritative guide to setting up and using HAPI
  • HAPI Workflow: A flowchart that illustrates the easy processing steps to get data from Trust to HAPI to SmoothPay
Leave processing
  • Cashing up annual leave: How to guide
  • Estimated leave balances: The rights and wrongs (DO NOT give estimated leave balances to staff - they are only an estimate at best , and at worst entirely misleading)
  • Annual leave factsheet
  • Sick leave factsheet
  • Public holidays factsheet
  • Bereavement leave factsheet
  • Alternative leave factsheet
  • 1st week ACC factsheet
  • Final pay calculation form: Illustrates how a final pay is calculated (if you want to see how it's done or need to do it manually - SmoothPay will calculate final pay entitlements correctly as per the Holidays Act)
  • Guide to Holidays and Leave: our rather exhaustive guide
  • Holiday and leave records: How these records are kept in SmoothPay
  • Interpreting leave balances: How to correctly interpret the various balances displayed on various reports (NOTE: Only the annual leave balance remaining from accruals to last anniversary is the employee's legal entitlement - anything else is subject to interpretation and error)
  • Leave entitlements: a brief guide to correct leave entitlements for NZ employees
  • Leave processing: How to process the various types of leave
  • Leave application form: all staff should complete a leave application form so you can consider whether or not the employee is eligible, and to keep written records for leave requests, and to ensure that any advanced leave is able to be recovered if necessary
  • Leave balance calculator: A simple spreadsheet that enable you to work out how much leave the employee has remaining (handy when moving from all the other non-compliant payroll systems available in NZ)
  • Leave setup: yet another leave guide
  • Leave without pay: a simple guide on handling leave without pay
  • NZ Leave Primer: If you read nothing else, please read this! Our gold-standard references for leave entitlements and calculations as per the Holidays Act and as implemented in SmoothPay
  • Ordinary weekly pay: what it means and how it's calculated in SmoothPay Blue (NOTE: SmoothPay Blue does not have a complete contract facility, so OWE is determined by the employee's recent work pattern - this is subject to error if data such as backpay has been entered as time rather than allowance, but generally produces an accurate result - we advise all current users to move to our new payroll software)
  • Parental leave: Our comprehensive guide to the many types of parental leave, how it affects annual leave that accrues during and after parental leave and how such leave is valued.
  • Recommended leave settings: yet another attempt to convince users to process leave according to the Holidays Act
  • TOIL: Our advice is DON'T - despite being legal it serves only to distort/flatten employee average weekly earnings, however proceed with it if you must. Our newer payroll products handle this processing much more easily (even though it flies in the face of the Holidays Act)
Technical notes
  • File permissions: Windows has such terrible file permission issues that we prepared a guide to help you resolve them - our advise, move to Mac or use goPayroll
  • Installing the latest update: Again, because of terrible Windows permissions issues, multi-user and registering DLL's across a network we decoded to prepare this guide - we would suggest you move to our newer payrolls and avoid the issue altogether.
  • Internet access: Smoothpay is a hybrid application (part on your computer and services provided online). In order to work correctly you need to make sure you are allowed to access those services. This guide is for your IT support person.
  • Moving to a new computer: An indispensable guide, also available under the Help menu in Smoothpay
  • Moving to another payroll: It's your choice to move to any of the non-compliant payroll systems available in New Zealand, and we respect that choice. There is a charge for any request for assistance to help with this process.
  • Multi-user network client: The how and why of using SmoothPay in a multi-user network situation - we strongly advise moving to our online payroll instead.
  • Payroll technical stuff: a bunch of how-to's all condensed into a single document
  • USB backup: You really should make sure you backup to a device that can be taken off the premises (and you should also use our free offsite internet backup service - or move to our online payroll and avoid the issue altogether)
  • TeamViewer support tool: our branded TeamViewer support tool (in case you don't have access to it on your computer - it's built-in to every SmoothPay product, just click the red RA tool in the toolbar)
Time and attendance integration
  • CSV Import (staff and timesheet data): Our standard format caters for all requirements and should be used unless you have one of the specialised time and attendance systems below
  • Lauranka: This is NZ's most proficient onsite time and attendance service and is highly recommended
  • MagScan time import: there may still be some of these old timeclocks floating about - thi sguide is for you
  • Resman: a variant of the standard SmoothPay CSV import format
  • Sample paper timesheet: Have your staff complete one each pay period - it's better than a scrap of paper, but not as efficient as one of the electronic time and attendance options
  • Excel staff and timesheet import: This flexible format lets you specify which columns contain relevant data. Provides import from old version XLS or CSV
  • Time and attendance integration overview: a general discussion of the options
  • TimeTarget: our guide for TimeTarget integration
  • Vines: Our specialised viticulture time capture system (deprecated)
  • WorkflowMax: Our guide to importing data direct from the WorkflowMax API
And there are loads of other options too (ZK Timeclock support and many others) - contact us for assistance or if you have any questions.