Download legacy payroll applications and updates

Our payroll migration service is not available during March 2018

These products are expiring soon - see below for details

The following legacy products are no longer available for purchase, but are provided here so you can update or reinstall your application if you need to (please contact the HelpDesk to arrange migrating to our newer desktop and online payroll products)

SmoothPay Blue Payroll

  • TeamViewer support tool: our branded TeamViewer support tool (in case you don't have access to it on your computer - it's built-in to every SmoothPay product, just click the red RA tool in the toolbar, or run the TeamViewerQS.exe found in your SmoothPay program folder)

SmoothPay Blue support ends completely in March 2019 - users are encouraged to migrate to SmoothPay Gold desktop or goPayroll online on or before expiry of the current subscription.

Migration to goPayroll (online) or SmoothPay Gold desktop (for Windows and Mac) is free until 1 December 2018. Re-migration incurs a processing fee.

Your current subscription covers your new SmoothPay payroll and includes training and product assistance.
HAPI (Harcourts / Payroll integration) desktop edition

Oct 2017 NEWS!: SmoothPay and Harcourts Group have partnered to redevelop HAPI as an online solution - beta testing will be offered to selected sites over the next few months (2018Q4) with live operation expected in Feb 2019.

HAPI desktop edition support ends completely when HAPI online becomes available - users will be assisted with migration to HAPI Online (first migration free, re-migration incurs a re-processing fee).