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Our payroll migration service is not available during March 2018

SmoothPay does annual leave in weeks

Any payroll that doesn't accrue, value and consume annual leave in weeks has missed the first and most fundamental rule of the Holidays Act (let alone all the other leave rules).

SmoothPay has been providing New Zealand employers with powerful, easy to use, compliant payroll software since 1995 - and you get great support too!

Our original software product, SmoothPay Blue, is retiring in March 2019 and is being replaced by your choice of SmoothPay Gold desktop payroll for Windows and Mac, and our latest online product goPayroll - both are available right now and supported for 9 countries (New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Cook Islands, Fiji* and American Samoa*).

* online only