Helpdesk and training fair use policy

SmoothPay is proud to provide extraordinary service in support of it’s products, and charges a reasonable annual subscription fee for that service – and we rarely charge extra for going beyond the call of duty.

Our support fees are intended to cover your day-to-day questions (and initial setup and training).

However, the support fee does not cover:

  • repeated training of staff or training of new staff (this is your responsibility – initial training is provided with each new licence)
  • repeated calls regarding networks, printers, internet connectivity issues, firewall and security issues or other technical issues that should be the domain of your IT support
  • teaching staff how to use their computer effectively (e.g. windows/mac shortcuts, tabbing instead of clicking when completing forms) etc.
  • rectifying issues caused by misuse of the software (e.g. disregarding warning messages, using non-compliant leave methods, errors caused by unlocking leave transactions, etc.)
  • customisation of the software
  • repeated calls about the same topic
  • assistance with non-compliant leave accrual methods
  • Analysis of leave valuation over time where compliant methods have been used and no fault is found (this can be extremely time-consuming)
  • assistance with moving to a new computer
  • assistance with email settings (your IT support person should assist with this)
  • assistance with printer setup and troubleshooting
  • moving employees between company’s (with/without their history and leave balances)
  • transfer of data from/to other products, including online services
  • support provided when TeamViewer access is denied
  • disaster recovery where our free online backup service has not been used (or access denied from your system)

Our documentation section provides guides for many of these issues, and users are expected to make use of the documentation, training data and release notes to ensure they have a comprehensive knowledge of their payroll software.

SmoothPay reserves the right to charge for time at our standard hourly rate to cover costs associated with helpdesk usage outside normal parameters ($145/hr+GST as at 1 June 2013)