Case Studies

At SmoothPay we pride ourselves on being able to tailor your payroll to suit your business processes and requirements by customising features for you.

The following case studies illustrate just how much an organisation can benefit.

Please contact us if you’d like specific customisation – we don’t charge outrageous prices for such work, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how easy we can make it for you.

Goodbars (Good Group Ltd)

Goodbars are the premier hospitality company in the South Island, managing such enterprises as Bettys Liquorstores, Botswana, Bardeaux, Barmuda, Barluga and more and covering an area from Kaikoura to Queenstown, Wanaka and Franz Josef.

In Feb 2009, Goodbars decided to integrate their MoneyWorks accounting systems with payroll, and selected SmoothPay for the task.

We set about developing a custom solution that automatically retrieves Staff Tab balances from MoneyWorks, and creates the required deductions in SmoothPay, along with automatically calculated staff discounts – with one-click!

A further refinement was to automatically transfer a list of all new employees to MoneyWorks as “job codes” so that tabs could be kept on Staff Tabs :-)

For a small investment, Goodbars now have an extremely efficient and streamlined business process.

Red Badge Group

Red Badge are the star performers when it comes to stadium and event security throughout New Zealand. You’ll see them at rock concerts, international sports events, arts festivals and so on – and the number of staff they deploy is huge!

Obviously, getting pay data for thousands of casual staff can be a daunting task, so we developed a specialised set of spreadsheet templates that event managers could utilise for recording staff attendance.

The completed sheets are emailed back to head office, imported (any new employees are added automatically), and the payroll processed far more efficiently than using manual, per-employee, pay input methods.

Again, refinements were added to cater for such large numbers of staff, including grid-editing for rapid updating of certification, contact details etc. and a process to automatically terminate staff who hadn’t worked for the last 18 months.

The benefits from these few enhancements save Red Badge time and money, and staff are (generally) paid correctly and on time.