SmoothPay is New Zealand’s #1 compliant payroll. Check this guide to see if your current payroll complies with NZ law. We will even help you understand how to become compliant and how compliance actually makes your payroll easier and fair for both you and your staff.

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All downloads are freely available, with no requirement to fill in forms or get passwords – and no pesky sales people! Most of our products have a free trial period with free helpdesk assistance and training so you can try out an application at your own pace and make certain it meets your needs before purchase.


Select from our range of user guides, manuals, forms and informative links for further information. If you would like personal online training, then please call the helpdesk to arrange. This service is included as part of your paid support contract. A broadband connection is required.


New Zealand’s #1 Compliant Desktop Payroll for Windows & Mac

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SmoothPay does the correct calculations, saves you time and reduces form filling and paperwork.

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There are many reasons why you should use SmoothPay Payroll.